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IMC’s 20’ and 40’ shipping containers offer the perfect solution to most container conversions needs. Customers can choose from new, used or refurbished containers available in a variety of grades to suit individual requirements and budgets. The shipping container was originally designed to meet transport needs and constructed to endure long trips at sea. As a result, shipping containers offer durability and security and are resistant to wind, water and vermin. These attributes make the shipping container an ideal product for strong and safe storage and building solutions. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers for you:

Do you only build houses out of containers?

No we have a wide range of products and can offer you almost any solution for residential, commercial, retail, health care, storage or industrial solutions. Email for more information.

How Long Will My Shipping Container Home Last For?

If you maintain the containers and if you keep on top of any general maintenance then you can expect your containers to last longer. In addition to this, if you clad your containers with an external layer, such as wood, then you can expect your containers to last even longer.

What about rust and corrosion?

Won’t a metal shipping container rust quite easily? Most Shipping Containers are used for ocean shipping, humidity and saltwater. A shipping container is a special, non-corrosive Corten steel; then, when coated with the ceramic insulation paint or similar quality paint, it becomes virtually rust proof and also prevents mildew, mould and is highly antiseptic. If you live in an area close to the sea we will ensure all external elements are not exposed to salt and
have special solutions for houses close to salt water.

What are the container dimensions?

We use “high cube” and standard height containers and will provide options based on your personal requirements and budget. External dimensions for our 12 metre high cube containers are approximately 2440w x 2900h x 6050l (20’HC) or 12200l (40’HC) Internal dimensions of our high cube units, once lined and insulated, approximate 2200w x 2440h x5700l (20’HC) or 11800l (40’HC)

Do you use 2 nd hand containers?

We try to use single trip containers, ie they have just made the one trip from China but also use 2nd hand A or B Grade containers and will discuss options with clients and apply to scope of works and customers budget.Dents, rust etc = more work & difficult to get consent / prove they are structurally sound and meet a minimum 50yr life expectancy. Steel by nature is a recycled product so still green. Our units are fully kitted out in South Africa.

How do you insulate them? What is the R-value of insulation used?

We use a special environmentally friendly form of closed cell polystyrene foam. This provides a moisture barrier as condensation would prove an issue with traditional forms of insulation. Superior R-value per square inch so interior space is maximised. Insulation levels approx. 1.5 x building code requirements.

Do they require consent? Any problems with getting consent?

Our units follow the standard application process and we will assist you with the entire process. We have an in house townplanner and architectural team and we will assist with all applications and approvals.

Can you custom build according to my ideas?

We are here to make your dreams and plans a reality and will try our utmost best to custom design and build according to your specific needs. We will advise and give guidance to you with regards to regulations and use our extensive knowledge within both the modular and traditional building industry to give you the best solution possible.

What are the advantages of a container home over a traditional build?
  • Structural integrity
  • Limited maintenance on units and no cracking and settling issues like new traditional buildings
  • Limited or zero water used or wasted
    Fire, Wind, Earthquake and Hurricane resistant
  • Minimal or zero foundations & suitable for timber piles so great for sloping sites
  • Readily available and affordable
    Manufactured off site so minimises site disturbance & wastage
  • Low lead time, home can be built at the same time as foundations. Units can be delivered within a few
  • Easily transported & mobile
    IMC Homes have various Eco features as optional extras.
    Containers can be elevated to minimalize environmental disruptions
  • You are recycling 3 tons of steel
What are some of the eco features?
  • Some available features and optional extras (not limited to this list) :
    1000 -5000ltr rainwater tank collects rain from roof for reuse in toilet and laundry saving around 45% of your water cost & assisting to reduce storm water run-off at your site.
  • 2-5kw photovoltaic (solar) system, generates electricity to save on utility costs. This is designed to be “grid connected” with excess power sold back to your electricity company for a credit (where permissible)
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) environmental choice certified paints used throughout/VOCs are solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries.
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Double glazed aluminium windows and doors with UPVC upgrade available. Superior Insulation approx. 50% higher than Building Code requirements. Dual flush toilet and water efficient tapware and appliances Energy star certified appliances
  • How much do they cost? What is included in the price?
    Pricing for our 40’+ homes is inclusive of full fitout including superior insulation, ply lining, windows and doors, LED lights, bathroom as indicated on plans, wardrobe systems, flooring, kitchen cabinetry bench-top, water efficient tapware, fixed kitchen appliances (Bosch oven, dishwasher, hob & rangehood if specified). Pre-wired and plumbed ready for connecting to your existing site services. We supply you with a certificate of completion. For designs incorporating more than one unit, price also includes an allowance for joining of units onsite and external roof supply and install. Depending on your location we may need to charge addition for travel and accommodation for our team to complete this. Pricing excludes consents if required, delivery and additional site works such as foundations, connection to services and any additional decking/landscaping required. It also excludes furniture, curtains/blinds and non-fixed appliances (fridge, washing machine, TV etc) which we can also source and supply if desired. We can assist you via an internal town planner to apply for local authority approvals.

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